1. We use branded hardware.

All of our hardware is provided by Dell and Supermicro. When we started out in the hosting business, we soon realised using brand names proved to be far more reliable than self building servers, to simply save a few pounds.


2. We’re straight talking, technical people.

Our pricing is clearly displayed on our website. When you contact us we won’t flood you with technical jargon or inflate prices to match what you’re paying your current hosting provider, nor will we try and sell you something that is overkill for your needs. Our ethos stems from building a solid relationship from the first point of contact.


3. We’re flexible.

We like to work with our potential and existing clients to ensure your solution is cost effective and works the way you want. Whether you need to remove certain elements from your hosting package or add extra capacity, we’re happy to tailor a solution to suit you.


4. Our Networks are fast and reliable.

We understand that server up-time and availability is critical to your business. We utilise some of the highest performing networks which take transit from providers such as LINX, Telia, TiNet, Entanet, Level(3) and Goscomb. All of the datacentres benefit from multiple 10Gbps feeds into industry leading Cisco routers.